Tropical Goddess Awakening


 Full Moon Retreat on the Twin Flame 62’ Catamaran in the Virgin Islands


This is your time to unplug and be pampered with a soul-centered, all-inclusive retreat focused on nurturing you back to your true self

Every day you wear all the hats, nurture others, plan, manage, care for, and pour yourself into your projects while supporting the one's you love. 

You deserve the space to unplug and fill YOUR cup back up.  

If you've been feeling like you need a moment to pause and catch your breath, this retreat was created just for you. 

This is for the woman that gives everything to her family and tribe.

This is for the woman seeking to discover a deeper meaning and purpose of life.

Most importantly - This is a retreat for Awakening into your next level of Being 

Join your guides Anahata & Christie to lift up your soul and heal your heart through play and adventure under the beautiful Caribbean sky. 

"We invite you to join your soul sisters in a tropical Caribbean paradise for a ladies-only retreat dedicated to awakening, cultivating, nurturing and celebrating the Divine Feminine Goddess within each of us."

"Sisters, it is time to gather. Let’s splash in tropical waters, dance under the full moon, nourish our bodies, laugh hysterically, connect deeply, share authentically and remember who we are." Anahata Ananda Certified High-Performance Coach, Shamanic Healer and Soul Guide

Do you ever find yourself...

  • wanting to learn something new, do something for the sake of doing it, and celebrate small wins that aren't wrapped up in KPI's, milestones, or to-do lists?
  • feeling like a boss in your life and making strides reaching your goals, but wishing you had more time to connect with like-minded, conscious boss babes and feel inspired?
  • longing for a body, mind, and spirit reset so your body feels light, and your mind feels clear again?
  • yearning for deep healing of the goddess within?
  • imagining yourself dancing beneath the stars?
  • wishing for a moment to hit pause on everything to catch your breath and find clarity in a hectic life?
  • craving a supportive, judgement free zone to let go and be your true self, without worrying about keeping up appearances for friends, neighbors, or colleagues?
  • seeking a space to be nurtured and pampered, where you can take time to fully integrate instead of needing to jump right back into your busy life?
  • dreaming of the freedom to get away from your obligations for a full week that's just for you?

 This is your time, your turn. It's time to love you

"Self-love is the ultimate abundance. Come nurture the goddess within and awaken your playful, adventurous spirit" Christie Woods Sex, Love and Relationship Coach, Akashic Record Consultant

You deserve to be pampered, nurtured, and surrounded by sisters who get you, support you, and lift you up. You know you need a break. This trip is all it takes. Ground into yourself, start fresh, and awaken the goddess within.

The TwinFlame, Goddess Awakening Retreat was created to nurture your divine spirit and help you uncover your true self. 

When life feels like it never slows down, this retreat gives you space to unwind in a tropical paradise.

Through gorgeous sunshine in stunning locations, playful activities, and a focus on sisterhood this trip unravels the stresses of daily life and allows you to reset, release and transform with a week that is all about you. 

 Adventure Awaits! Your tropical escape at a glance

Aquatic Adventures

Let's play! Dive into activities like snorkeling or stand up paddle-boarding surrounded by local flora and fauna. There will be stops at incredible local treasures such as private beaches and coves.  

The Twin Flame crew are skilled instructors for exploring a wide range of water activities you never thought possible. You'll be crossing dreams off your bucket list daily.

Workshops & Activations

You'll enjoy shamangelic breathwork clearing, yoga, meditation, plus sharing & connections circles. We'll have an extra boost of divine feminine power under the full moon with our Full Moon Goddess Awakening Ceremony.  

The trip is designed to balance time to unplug with time connecting, you'll leave full of love and vital energy. 


Be held and supported by your sisters, develop powerful friendships, and remember who you are deep in your soul. In this space you'll feel free to express your divine womanhood and allow yourself to be seen.  

This retreat will support you to open up fully and be witnessed in an authentic way.

Vibrantly Nourishing Cuisine

Whether you've got special dietary needs or are hoping to test the waters with eating cleaner, our onboard chef Michelle will blow you away. The menu is mindfully curated so you feel clean, light, and refreshed. 

We'll focus on gorgeous, locally inspired meals that honor any restrictions or special needs you may have. Once you're confirmed we'll get the full scoop on your dietary needs to make sure you're not just satisfied, but delighted. 

Plus... the view from the table? Unforgettable.

Stunning Accomodations 

You'll wake up to gorgeous tropical views and weather to match. From meals on the deck to topside sunning, this luxury catamaran will have you feeling like a true queen of the sea. In full transparency to our seafaring sisters, this is still a boat and space is cozy, so you'll each be bunking with another goddess. 

If you have a friend in mind you'd like to room with, let us know!

World-renowned facilitators

Anahata & Christie combine years of experience running successful goddess retreats and helping women connect with their true selves and divine power. 

With the help of the TwinFlame crew they've designed a retreat that will push you to grow, stretch your limits, and learn with the gentle hand of a supportive sister. 

PLUS! This is a deliberately small group, so you'll have the unique opportunity to dive deep with Christie & Anahata in a way that isn't possible with larger retreats. 

Meet Your Soul Sister Guides:

Anahata Ananda with prayer hands in the desert

Anahata Ananda blends the compassion and tenderness of an Angel and the wisdom and strength of a Shaman to guide profound journeys of core healing and spiritual awakening. 

As a Certified High-Performance Coach, Shamanic Healer and Soul Guide, Anahata has guided thousands of individuals through core life shifts, helping them to turn their life around and manifest the life of their dreams. 

Anahata is the host of the internationally acclaimed Shamangelic Healing Podcast. She is the founder of Shamangelic Healing, based in Sedona Arizona, where she offers high-performance coaching, inspirational workshops, group retreats, private healing sessions, and online courses. 

Christie Woods looking over her left shoulder

As an Integrated Sex, Love & Relationship Coach Christie Woods uses her intuitive abilities to assists clients in the healing of past trauma stuck in the body. This trauma can be what's keeping you in a constant loop of mediocre relationships and life experiences. 

She combines traditional “top down” talk therapy with a more somatic “bottom up” approach utilizing a host of energetic healing tools, including breathwork and various tantric and shamanic philosophies, in order to encourage her clients to go deep within themselves to uncover and/or simply release belief systems and thought patterns no longer serving their best and highest good. 

Christie invites her clients to reclaim their sovereignty by reconnecting with their own internal emotional guidance system; and as a result becoming a more expressed human, free of cultural and familial programming - inspired to live their own authentic Truth. Christie is also an Akashic Record Consultant and Reiki Master Healer.

The TwinFlame, Goddess Awakening Retreat combines the feminine empowerment work of a goddess retreat with the adventurous spirit of a Caribbean charter. All gorgeous tropical surroundings and a sense of belonging with a soul family of sisters who've got your back.  

You no longer have to feel depleted or like you're running in every direction while wearing all the hats. Instead, you can join your tribe in paradise and have everything you could imagine from a perfect Caribbean retreat at the tip of your fingers with a crew dedicated to helping you unplug and relax

You'll leave inspired, recharged, and glowing with your feminine power.

"This opened my eyes to the parts of my life I was holding onto and needed to let go. It also helped me to experience a weekend of empowerment with smart and talented women to grow my support community. 

For people needing that extra “umph” to increase motivation, exceed their soul desires, and build strong connections, this is the retreat to come to!" 


"Christie was recommended to me for an Akashic record reading by another healer friend of mine. She had raved about her session, so I had to schedule my own appointment! 

She is a gifted healer and I honestly felt such a sense of peace after our time had ended. I’m so grateful for the knowledge I gained. I anticipate I will be scheduling more readings for the future as I was blown away by this one." 

-Catherine Parish

"I always feel there is such a personal connection with everyone in the group. Giving us the opportunity to be vulnerable and not feel judged made me feel safe! Anahata made me feel seen and blanketed in love (even though I am not a touchy person). I have a lot of insecurities but now I know I can conquer." 

-Kelly M.

"With the guidance of Anahata and the support of the other goddess participants, I was able to do the hard work, digging deep and exploring parts of me that I have kept hidden for years in order to fit in, and not be noticed. I then developed confidence to take the masks off. 

I realize now that in order for me to give my gifts to the world, I will need to be my true self. My gifts are powerful and the world deserves to have them. I am a work in progress and I still have work to do but I feel way more prepared to do that work now that I’ve been given some powerful tools to do so." 


Woman in white bikini snorkeling under the Twin Flame catamaran

Who should come on this retreat?

It doesn't matter if you're the boss of a company, or the boss lady at home...or both!  

No matter where you are in your life The TwinFlame, Goddess Awakening Retreat has the potency to unlock more of who you truly are, take the edge off being a superwoman, and raise your vibration like the queen you are.  

If you want an active, immersive, heart-centered retreat that will pamper you and spark your playful side while nurturing your body and soul with healthy healing in the midst of a tropical paradise-- the TwinFlame, Goddess Awakening Retreat is for you.

What others had to say about their goddess retreat experience...

“The Goddess Retreat was one of my most beautiful life experiences. The sisterhood unfolded naturally and created an inner growth that I take with me. This love and joy will be shared throughout with Goddess Love!”


“Blessed sisters – thank you for holding space and creating such a sacred and inspiring space. Your “container” was perfect for the clearing and personal expansion I so needed. The space was so welcoming and nurturing. 

The guidance of both my Goddess sisters was heartful, and full of wisdom. I have needed just what you offered and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!”


“The support & love I went through this experience was amazing. It opened my heart, mind & spirit to so many possibilities. I leave here a stronger, lighter & more loving person. I truly am a goddess.”


“Before I came to this Goddess retreat, I thought I understood what “The Goddess” and all that encompasses. I learned and experienced so much during these few days together. I can honestly say I am a more enlightened sister Goddess now.”


Apply Now to Reserve One of Only 6 Spots!  

  • Snorkeling, stand-up paddle-boarding, sunsets, underwater photos, private beaches and secluded so much more!
  • Full Moon Goddess Awakening Ceremony, Goddess Empowerment Workshops, Embodiment movement, yoga & meditation, Shamangelic Breathwork clearing & activation ceremony, sharing & connection circles...and more!
  • All-inclusive meals & drinks honoring dietary restrictions with a local flare.
  • Connection with a group of like-minded sisters facilitated by Anahata Ananda & Christie Woods. 
  • The unique energy of a tropical paradise with soul nourishing, spirit expanding and heart awakening activities.
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"I have been awakened at every level of my being-mind, body, and spirit. Thank you for the biggest transformation of my life. I journey forward in love, light, joy, peace, and abundance."

-Rebecca Stuchen

"The moment I met Christie Woods I felt her Lioness heart and saw the strength of Mama Wolf in her eyes. Over the past year, through Coaching, Reiki Healing and Shamangelic Breathwork, Christie has helped guide me back to Center and tap deeply into the Power of Feminine Divine.  

We laugh. We cry. We work and play - with all that comes into the present moment during our sessions. She's not afraid to hold me accountable for my greatness and to remind me that I am the only one who can lower or raise my own vibrational frequency. She is truly a coaches coach. And I thank her for the difference she has made and continues to make in my life."

-Marlene Clark

“I came to clarify my vision and purpose and to clear any hindrance or resistance to stepping into my full potential. These have both been achieved and now I understand an even greater expansion of who I am. My personal energy and power has heightened and strengthened 100-fold. I feel very prepared, anchored and empowered for the next steps of this fabulous journey.”

-Ayanna Mojica

"Christie Woods has a unique perspective on life that enlightened my search to find peace with my past and hope for my future. Her intuition and insights allowed me to awaken from a state of mind I didn’t even know was pulling me down. She taught me methods for managing life that have allowed me to live to the fullest, even when circumstances may appear bleak. 

I could never thank her enough for the guidance she offered, which lightened the path for real transformation." 


"I worked with Christie over multiple sessions and was able to heal several psychological filters caused by childhood trauma. Christie used many methods to facilitate my healing. 

She was skillful, kind, thorough, trustworthy and frequently gave more than expected. I recommend her service to anyone wanting to expand their consciousness."

-Gail Gassiot

When you are surrounded by women like you...boss babes who support you, understand you, and lift you up...there is truly NO stopping you! You'll feel like you can be seen for the powerful & vibrant goddess that you are. This is for you!

And when you take the time to focus on yourself and nurture your spirit, you no longer have to feel like you've put your self-love on the backburner. You don't have to feel like your busy schedule never stops, and you can take time to relinquish control and go with the flow. Your ability to continue being a powerful, strong woman depends on taking the time to fill your cup back up.

The TwinFlame, Goddess Awakening Retreat makes it easy and fun to get the support and love you need, and to build up your youthful, playful energy in a gorgeous setting. This is a community of women who exists to witness you and build you up.

Let's get out there and have a blast in the tropical sunshine! 

Join Your Soul Sisters in Paradise

Say YES to nourishing your soul for just $5997 per person


  • Snorkeling, stand-up paddle-boarding, sunsets, underwater photos, private beaches and secluded so much more!
  • Full Moon Goddess Awakening Ceremony, Goddess Empowerment Workshops, Embodiment movement, yoga & meditation, Shamangelic Breathwork clearing & activation ceremony, sharing & connection circles, dancing under the stars...and more!
  • Deep healing of the goddess within, trauma release, safety, support, and love without judgement in the presence of the divine feminine, witnessing your sisters share stories of their greatest triumphs and deepest sorrows...this will be a journey of transformation.
  • All-inclusive meals & drinks honoring dietary restrictions and inspired by local cuisine brimming with pescetarian and plant-based options.
  • Connection with a group of like-minded sisters facilitated by Anahata Ananda & Christie Woods.
  • The unique energy of a tropical paradise with soul nourishing, spirit expanding and heart awakening activities.
  • Accommodations on the boat in shared rooms  

All you need to do is submit an application (click the button below and fill out a simple form) and put down a $1,000 deposit to reserve your space for the TwinFlame, Goddess Awakening Retreat.  

Here's a little "fine print" to answer any lingering questions:

  • Arrival & Departure Travel Information: Guests will arrive between 1pm & 3pm local time to St. Thomas USVI, on Saturday May 2nd. A shuttle service is provided to chauffeur you to our floating paradise. Plan to depart after 1 pm on Saturday May 9th. (complete packing list and more detailed travel logistics will be shared upon reservation confirmation) 
  • DEPOSIT: The deposit is to hold your space and will be applied towards the $5997 fee. If we are unable to accommodate you (for example, because we have already filled the spaces) your deposit will be refunded.
  • CONFIRMATION: once your reservation is confirmed, you will receive a comprehensive welcome letter with travel details and packing list
  • CANCELLATION Disclaimer: A minimum of 6 guests is required for this retreat. All payments will be refunded in full if the minimum number of participants is not met.
  • REFUNDS: Due to needing a prior reservation for staff, boat, facilitators, meals & amenities, there are no refunds for partial attendance, cancellations or no shows.

Have a few lingering questions that aren't answering here? Send us a message, we're here to help.

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